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If you’re looking to skill up and build sophisticated web systems suited for enterprise use, then Angular for Enterprise Applications is your guide to the next level of Angular mastery.

Through insightful recipes, sample apps, and crystal-clear explanations, this book teaches you industry-standard techniques to craft robust Angular applications. Master authentication and authorization to lock down your app. Optimize performance through reactive programming, lazy loading, and other pro tips. Architect complex yet flexible UIs with router-first principles. Integrate Angular seamlessly with backend systems using REST and GraphQL APIs.

Angular for Enterprise covers it all - well-tested patterns for enterprise development, actionable guidance for clean architecture, and keen insights into Angular internals. Level up your skills with in-depth coverage of forms, state management, SOLID design, CI/CD pipelines, and ES2022 fundamentals. Whether you're an experienced Angular developer or just starting out, this book provides the essential knowledge you need to build web systems ready for the demands of business.

Written for professionals, by professionals, Angular for Enterprise distills hard-won lessons into a clear roadmap for success. Master the deep end of Angular and craft apps that scale, with your sanity intact. Get your copy today - the enterprise awaits!

About the author

Doguhan Uluca is a Principal Fellow at Excella in Washington DC, leading strategic initiatives and delivering critical systems. He is an industry-recognized expert with technical knowledge in usability, mobility, performance, scalability, cybersecurity, and architecture. Doguhan is the author of the best-selling Angular for Enterprise books, a speaker at 30+ conferences, and an Angular GDE Alumni. Doguhan has delivered solutions for Silicon Valley startups, Fortune 50 companies, and the U.S. Federal Government. Doguhan is passionate about contributing to open-source projects and teaching. He enjoys building Lego, playing Go, and traveling.